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CC&C provides professionally trained crews to pack, transport, and unpack all items that our clients would like to relocate.  This includes IT equipment and peripherals, office equipment, construction materials, desks, file cabinets, cartons/boxes, crates, files, and personal effects. While onsite, one supervisor will be assigned per every five crew members to ensure adequate supervision, maximum efficiency, and the security of your items. To ensure a successful move, CC&C will:

  • Provide appropriately sized trucks to accomplish the requested move(s) by taking into consideration the conditions of the building sites/ locations.

  • Provide the proper moving equipment to include, but not limited to, dollies, hand trucks, cradles, loading ramps and rigging as required.

  • Provide all necessary padding materials and equipment to ensure safe transit of the property being moved.

  • Ensure proper placement of relocated assets per floorplans and approved furniture layouts provided.

  • Provide protection for corridor walls, corner protectors and protection for flooring and elevators to prevent damage.

  • Remove all wall and floor protection and move related debris upon completion of the move.

  • Provide professionally trained and proficient furniture installers who provide full-service systems furniture assembly, disassembly, and maintenance for all systems furniture and case goods.


CC&C’s technicians are proficient in Herman Miller, HON, Steelcase, Allsteel, Haworth, Kimble, UNICOR, and all other major brands of furniture currently available in the United States. Systems furniture installation includes power poles and all electrical systems within the furniture. 


We provide IT professionals to disconnect, connect, and install desktop computers, peripherals, MFD’s, network, hardware, and incident-free data center migration. We also provide comprehensive planning and technical skills, and employ industry best practices to achieve a successful, incident-free data center migration. Our services encompass the initial planning, project management, communication with multiple third parties (such as OEM’s and software vendors), and transportation of items. A data center relocation specialist like CC&C provides a seamless end-to-end migration.

Baltimore Gas & Electric Relocation Services

Baltimore Gas & Electric (BG&E) engaged CC&C to provide a combination of regular daily relocation services and larger one-time relocation projects to across multiple sites in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area.  CC&C staff was provided on a regular schedule each week to work with BG&E’s facilities department in carrying out the regular relocation of various BG&E employees between company spaces.  This would include packing, unpacking, transportation, and placement of items.  Additionally, CC&C assisted with the planning and execution of larger corporate moves.  Our Project Manager worked with BG&E to plan single- and multi-phased moves of large staff groups into new corporate facilities.  This included scheduling, space planning, furniture installation, packing and transportation of items, and disconnect/ reconnect services for all PC’s affected by the move.


Smithsonian Institution Warehouse Consolidation Project

CC&C worked with the Smithsonian Institution (SI) to assist them with the consolidation of several old warehouse facilities into one new, state-of-the-art facility to house museum artifacts.  Project Managers surveyed the existing sites with SI staff to understand the contents that would need to be moved, any specifications for the appropriate handling of artifacts, and which items were the most crucial to move into the new space.  We developed a multi-phased schedule to bring the artifacts from each of the existing locations to the new site, working with staff on both sides to coordinate the requirements of each individual site.  Due to the sensitive nature of the items, we engaged the services of subcontractors who were specialists in handling fine art and museum artifacts.  Their expertise allowed us to ensure the safe packing, transport, and handling of all items throughout the process.  Additional security and insurance was also procured for this project to add additional safeguards against theft or damage while in transit.  CC&C also provided specialized services for lead abatement in some of the older and more fragile items.   


Wells Fargo Tysons Corner Restack Project

The Wells Fargo offices in Tysons Corner, VA underwent an expansion that called for multiple large business units throughout an office complex to be relocated and consolidated into a new, larger space in the same location to increase capacity.  CC&C provided comprehensive move management services for this effort.   Our staff met with the Wells Fargo executive team to understand the overall scope of the project, and with the heads of each of the twenty-four affected business units to understand their individual needs and concerned.  We created a plan to complete the moves in five separate phases.  We scheduled each phase, coordinated with the client’s preferred relocation vendor for the project, arranged for temporary swing space for units that needed an interim location while awaiting their final space, and provided help desk services at the completion of each phase to successfully respond to, and complete, any open items.


GSA Public Building Service Region 4 Relocation Services

CC&C provides ongoing, long-term relocation and move management services to GSA properties in their Region 4 locations, specifically throughout the states of Mississippi and North Carolina.  Relocations under this contract vary in size from less than 1,000 square feet to 500,000 square feet of space being moved in a single task, and including both standard moves and those with specialized requirements and advanced complexity.  Services are ordered on an as-needed basis as GSA has need to relocate their own offices and those of their tenant agencies.  CC&C provides all management, site supervision, manpower, equipment, and supplies to successfully complete all requested moves.  Our work on site includes coordination of relocation services and associated services by ancillary parties, packing and unpacking of items, transportation of items to their new location, set up of furniture and items within their new locations, handling of all accessory items, and the disconnect and reconnect of all PC’s as needed.

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