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Facility Support Services

Warehousing- CC&C provides warehouse services performed by a professional warehouseman to load, off-load, stage and store government property.  We can offer a full-service solution that includes the supervision and direction of a client warehouse and the staff to successfully operate the facility.  Warehouse facilities can be existing ones operated by our clients or new facilities that we procure for the use of our clients.  We also have the capability to work with clients to procure a warehouse management software system or to work with them to design one to their specifications as needed.  Implementation and training on the system is included to ensure a seamless transition for the client.  Additionally, we offer inventory management services that include performing an inventory of existing items, barcoding items and entering them into warehouse management software for inventory management, and providing RFID tracking solutions for clients who are looking to elevate the level of security in their warehouse facilities.


Secure Document & Electronic File Destruction- CC&C provides secure document and electronic destruction certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). We provide accountability receipts and certificates upon completion of each task.  We have the capability to provide destruction services for all standard and classified documents.


Daily Services Contracts- CC&C provides staffing solutions for facility support needs.  We can provide crews to work on client sites on a part-time or full-time basis to provide continuity to our clients.  Our staff members get to know the client and their assigned worksites to become fully knowledgeable in the client’s needs and processes.  We have delivered staffing for daily services contracts that provide facility services including regular relocation services, furniture installation, facility maintenance, janitorial services, conference room, and A/V equipment set-ups and break-downs, warehouse services, transportation, and furniture excess and disposal services.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Warehouse & Labor Services

CC&C provides a regular staff of six laborers to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to run operations in their warehouse facility and provide general facility management and relocation services to the agency.  Under this contract, we provide all personnel, equipment, supplies, transportation, tools, materials, and supervision to support the regular warehouse operations.  Standard tasks include updating and maintaining warehouse inventory, pulling material from inventory to a staging area, loading and unloading trucks for transport, scheduling shipments and deliveries at the warehouse location, removing excess furniture from office locations within the adjacent NRC office space and excessing or disposing of the items as appropriate, and coordinating the pickup and delivery of supplies between various NRC locations in the DC metropolitan area.  Our staff is fully trained in warehouse operations best practices, standard industry safety practices, and the operation of forklifts, pallet jacks, and box trucks with lift-gates so that they can perform all required functions within the warehouse.


Small Business Administration Document Shredding & Disposal Services

The Small Business Administration (SBA) engaged CC&C to provide document destruction and disposal services for sensitive documents.  We provided the agency with twenty 95-gallon shred containers throughout their headquarters location every two weeks for a period of several months.  All materials provided by the agency were shredded onsite and on a regular schedule rather than removed from the site to ensure that the SBA was able to verify the destruction and security of the sensitive items.  CC&C coordinated with the SBA to allow SBA officials to be present at the time of the shredding for an additional layer of assurance.  All materials were handled by a AAA NAID and ISO 9001-certified representative.  We assigned the same representative to the location for every visit so that he was easily recognizable and to eliminate additional security threat by restricting the number of persons with access to the material.


US Agency for International Development Daily Facilities Support Services

CC&C provides a regular staff of nine to the US Agency for International Development (USAID) to support the agency’s facilities department.  Our staff performs a variety of daily functions at the agency’s main Pennsylvania Avenue location in DC as well as several ancillary sites in the larger DC metropolitan area.  Our services are focused in the area of the agency’s Shipping and Receiving Section and include furniture and equipment storage, issue and distribution of supplies, inventory management, moving services, and the setup and breakdown of conference areas for the agency.  In addition, we provide an off-site pickup and delivery service between the various agency locations to transport packages and supplies.

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