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CC&C offers comprehensive furniture planning and installation solutions.  While we do not offer furniture sales, we can connect clients directly to furniture manufacturers and we do offer full services for all other furniture needs.  We can provide space planners to evaluate your new or current workspace and help clients make a determination about how to best fill your space for maximum efficiency.  Our space planners can help you use current furniture pieces to reconfigure your space, select the best new items to redo the space entirely or combine existing and new furniture for a best-value solution. 

Our team is available to perform and maintain a full inventory of your furniture items to make the best use of the items that you already have.  We can also help you make a determination about which pieces are still in usable condition, which items should be stored for future use or as parts, and which items need to be disposed of.  We frequently make deliveries of excess furniture to the GSA warehouse and are familiar with the process to send items there.  We have accounts with disposal centers and recycling centers across the DC and Baltimore Metro areas that allow us to easily dispose of your excess furniture.  Where possible, CC&C opts to recycle old furniture items.  When this results in a rebate for recycling of metal, we pass these savings along to our clients to encourage environmentally sustainable practices.

Our experienced team of furniture installers is available for all of your furniture installation needs.  Our team is experienced in all of the lines most commonly used by the federal government (including Herman Miller, HON, Steelcase, Allsteel, Haworth, Kimble, and UNICOR) as well as all other major brands currently available in the United States.  CC&C installers will perform a complete de-installation of your existing furniture for re-use or disposal as appropriate.  This includes the disconnection of all electrical components and dismantling of furniture parts, while using the utmost care to make sure that any piece to be reused is preserved in its existing condition.  Our installers will also perform the reconfiguration or build of your new furniture according to your specifications.  This is a complete turnkey service that includes installation of all accessories, the hookup of electrical components, and availability for any necessary adjustments to the furniture that clients discover after inhabiting their new work area.

Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia Division Installation Services

CC&C provides furniture installers on a recurring basis at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia Division (NSWCPD) to rebuild Steelcase 9000 systems furniture in new workspaces, using existing parts.  Teams of installers work on various projects at the Navy yard to get furniture installed in new workspaces as staff is relocated within the facility.  They deconstruct the existing stations and rebuild them after they are relocated.  The installation includes placement and assembly of the workstations and office furniture, assembly and attachment of accessory items (peds, cabinets, lighting, white boards, keyboards, etc.), and the installation of all electrical components within each workstation.


Department of Homeland Security- USCIS Installation and Property Disposal Services

CC&C has a staff of four installation professionals who are assigned to manage furniture installation, excess, and disposal services for multiple Department of Homeland Security- USCIS (DHS-USCIS) locations in the DC metropolitan area.  Our staff handles the dismantling and installation of systems furniture workstations and free-standing office furniture for the agency, including desks, bookcases, credenzas, chairs, and file cabinets.  Additionally, our staff makes minor repairs to existing furniture to maintain functionality and extend the life of the furniture.  CC&C installers work with agency representatives to determine which furniture pieces are not needed at the site and which are at the end of their useful life.  Our team moves or disposes of the property per the request of the agency.  Furniture that is being excessed to GSA is wrapped, palletized, and transported to the GSA warehouse with safeguards in place to maintain the condition of the furniture in transit.  Furniture that is being disposed of is taken to a licensed disposal station or recycled for rebates to the agency whenever possible.


Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration A/V Equipment Installation

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) contracted CC&C to procure and install Audio/ Visual equipment in their main conference room.  The equipment package a full A/V set up with new LCD television and accessories, audio setup with new ceiling microphones, acoustic echo cancellation, and system receiver, a centralized control system, and a cabinet for the equipment.  CC&C provided the installation of all software, hardware, and cabling for this effort, including the wiring of the space to appropriately support the equipment.  A testing phase was built into the project schedule to make sure that all equipment was fully operational before turning the system over to the agency.  We also trained agency representatives on the use of the new equipment and we provide the agency with ongoing maintenance and support services.  

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