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CC&C MANAGEMENT SERVICES, LLC (CC&C) is a Facility Transitions firm that has provided comprehensive program management and logistics services to Government Agencies and Corporate Facilities for over 20 years.  Our headquarters and Federal Government Operations Center is located in Rockville, Maryland. We specialize in planning, managing, executing, and monitoring our client’s transition, from project meetings, scheduling, budgeting, and progress tracking, through implementation to closeout.  Our mission is to act as an advocate for the client’s interest to provide a cost effective, non-disruptive, and efficient solution for all transitional requirements.

Your Single Solution for Facility Transitions


CC&C is a full-service relocation management, facilities transition, and construction management company with capabilities in all lower 48 states and the District of Columbia.  Originally formed in 1990 as a relocation services company.  Since then, we have increased the scope of our business to become a single-solution facility.  This allows us to offer comprehensive facility services to our clients that includes management, planning, and execution as a single, complete package.

CC&C’s approach is simple:  We listen to the needs of our clients to provide honest, accurate, timely information and make adjustments where necessary.  CC&C does not employ a sales staff or account managers, relying instead on a team of professionally-trained technical managers and service providers to work directly with clients.  This allows our staff to deliver the expertise and services that meet the needs of our clients, using key performance indicators to measure and track progress. Our methodology consists of a collaborative system with customer satisfaction being our ultimate goal.  CC&C believes quality sells itself. This is where we excel!



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